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BellHawk Online Videos

The following are links to videos about BellHawk Online.

To see worked demonstrations using BellHawk Online to solve various inventory and work-in-process tracking problems, please click on this Demonstration Videos link.

Except for the Introductory Video, below, you will need to register on our website (with your name and Email) to see these videos, if you have not already registered.

BellHawk Intro Introduction to BellHawk Online: (9 minutes) In this brief introductory video, we provide an overview of the BellHawk software and explain how BellHawk Online enables manufacturers and other industrial organizations to easily transition from using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing to track their operations.This video also describes how BellHawk Online enables industrial organizations to track their operations in real-time at an affordable cost and prevent expensive operational mistakes.
BellHawk Overview Overview of BellHawk Online: (17 minutes) In this overview presentation video, we provide an overview of the purpose, capabilities and applications of BellHawk Online, followed by an explanation of the technology used and its benefits. Finally we provide a short overview of how to compute the cost of using BellHawk Online for your specific application.
License Plate Tracking License-Plate-Number Materials Tracking: (17 minutes) In this overview Tutorial Video, we lay the foundation for the following videos by describing the principles on which license-plate-number (LPN) materials tracking is based. License-plate materials tracking is the foundation on which BellHawk is based. It is also the basis of the GS1 standard for tracking and tracing materials in the global supply chain, which has been adopted by the FDA, DoD, FAA, and many other agencies, as well as ISO, for materials tracking and traceability. In this video, we discuss how BellHawk uses these principles to track the receipt of raw materials, their transformation into finished products, and the packing and shipping of these products into the upstream supply chain.