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BellHawk Online Barcode Tracking Solutions

barcode tracking

BellHawk Online provides a variety of barcode tracking solutions. These solutions save its clients time and money by replacing the using of paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and manual keyboard data entry with the use of barcode scanning and mobile computers.

Solutions include:

These solutions can save organizations between $50,000/year and $150,000/year in wasted data collection and operations tracking labor plus they provide real-time visibility of production operations and inventory. They can also prevent mistakes by warning users when they are about to make an operational mistake.

These barcode tracking solutions are available through BellHawk Online typically at a cost of under $1,000/month for smaller organizations.

These barcode tracking solutions can be used stand-alone or can be used with ERP systems to provide the detailed barcode tracking capabilities that most ERP systems lack.

These systems can also print out custom barcode labels on demand, interface to weighing scales or other process control equipment.

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