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BellHawk Online Job Cost Tracking Solutions

Working Together

One important role that BellHawk Online is used for is accurate job costing.

While many ERP systems have the ability to record actual job costs and compare these to predicted job costs, all to often labor is recorded as guestimates on time sheets and the quantity of materials used is back-flushed based on the BOMs stored in the ERP system.

Many manufacturing organizations make most of their profit on 20% of their jobs and lose most of it on the other 20%, without any idea which jobs are really profitable and which are not, and why.

BellHawk Online provides job tracking solutions that solve this problem. Data about the quantity of materials consumed for each job plus the labor and machine time, as well as scrap and rework data, are captured in real-time using barcode scanning methods.

This assures that the cost data captured is accurate rather than being a post-facto guess at the end of the day entered into ERP systems, often from paper forms, to account for the amount of labor and possibly machine time used.

BellHawk Online tracks costs in detail and to compare the expected versus actual costs incurred, operation by operation, to enable a detailed analysis of where profits are made or lost.

This comparrison can be based on BOMs and labor estimates imported from ERP systems. Also, if needed the actual labor, machine time, and materials consumed can be exported back to the ERP system.

BellHawk incrementally aggregates its cost data so as to be able to accurately compute the actual cost of intermediate, WIP, and finished goods container by container. This enables accurate accounting for the value of inventory and eliniates the "black hole" accounting problem whereby inventory is expensed when it is used but is not credited until the finished goods are made, sometimes weeks later.

For many make-to-order manufacturers, a job may consist of many hundreds of parts that need to be made and assembled. The BellHawk Online project  tracking capability enables the cost of making all these parts to be tracked individually and then aggregated into the final assemblies shipped to the customer.

BellHawk Online provides better way to capture job cost data than simply using an ERP system.

Best of all, the BellHawk Online solution is available for under $1,000/month for small to mid-sized industrial organizations.