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From this link: Answers to Frequently Answered Questions you will be able to get answers to the questions listed below.

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  1. What is BellHawk Online?

  2. Who is the target audience for BellHawk Online?

  3. How does BellHawk Online relate to the BellHawk software platform?

  4. What is the typical cost for BellHawk Online for a smaller organization?

  5. Should we use BellHawk Online or rent BellHawk for installation on our own Windows Server?  

  6. Do we save money by renting the software rather than using BellHawk on your servers?

  7. Can we purchase a perpetual license to use the BellHawk software on a one-time payment basis?

  8. What is the difference between BellHawk Online and the solution integration services provided by BellHawk Systems?

  9. We are a large organization with our own IT staff. We need more sophisticated real-time operations tracking and management capabilities than are provided by BellHawk Online. Can we save time and money by purchasing a license to use the BellHawk software platform as the basis of implementing my own system?

  10. Can BellHawk Online Exchange Data with my ERP or Accounting System?

  11. Can BellHawk Online import data from my CAD system?

  12. If we start using BellHawk Online on a subscription basis, can we transition to running BellHawk  on our own Windows Server?

  13. How reliable is the BellHawk Online Service?

  14. What if the Internet goes down?

  15. Do you sell Directly to Clients or through Partners?

  16. What support services do you provide?

  17. What if we want our BellHawk Online instance customized or integrated  with another system?

  18. What if we want to develop our own custom reports from the BellHawk Online data?

  19. Do you make on-site sales calls?  

  20. Do you arrange for visits to other users of the BellHawk software so we can see it in operation? 

  21. Do you provide lists of References?

  22. Do you offer monthly subscription payments?

  23. Do You Offer Free Trials of Your Software?

  24. Do you provide demonstrations of your software with our data?

  25. What is the Cost-Benefit Trade-off for using a BellHawk system? 

  26. Can we use BellHawk to just track materials  and/or jobs in one limited area of our facility or do we need to deploy it to the whole plant at the same time?

  27. Do I need to purchase a barcode printer to use BellHawk Online?

  28. What if I need BellHawk Online to print barcode labels on demand?

  29. What if I need to integrate with weighing scales or other equipment?

  30. Do you support the use of RFID to track materials?

  31. How easy is it to configure BellHawk Online to the specific needs of my organization?