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BellHawk Online Real-Time Industrial Operations Tracking Software

materials transformartion

The BellHawk software tracks the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their transformation into intermediate and then finished products, and the picking, packing and shipping of those products to customers. This includes using license-plate tracking methods to track raw, intermediate, and finished materials and work-in-process as well as materials in field locations, such as yards and construction sites.

BellHawk is used by Manufacturers, Building Materials Fabricators, Engineering,  Defense Contractors, Repair and Refurbishment and other Industrial Organizations to track  the transformation of raw materials into finished products.

This can include:

BellHawk Online is compliant with CFR 21 Part 11 to enable FDA cGMP validation in medical device and supplies manufacturing, repackaging, and repair applications.

BellHawk Online comes as a base Real-Time Operations Tracking System (RT-OPS) with twelve optional modules and four IIOT appliances to enable configuration for a wide range of applications.

For those organizations that do not need to track the transformation of materials but simply want to track and trace their materials at multiple geographic locations the LP-MTS (License Plate Materials Tracking) subset is available at a lower cost. This is often used with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) bundle for tracking materials in industrial distribution centers and supply chains.

For those organizations that simply want to track the progress of batches of materials through a sequence of manufacturing operations, and the labor used, the SPTS (Simple Production Tracking System) is available at low cost.

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