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KnarrTek consists of a team of experts who are very knowledgeable about implementing real-time work-in-progress tracking systems, including equipment issues, as well as the management benefits which can accrue and implemetation issues that may need to be addressed.

KnarrTek's BellHawk Online service is intended to provide an inexpensive work-in-progress tracking solution, in the Cloud,  for small to mid-sized industrial organizations on a monthly subscription basis. 

KnarrTek also provides the BellHawk and MilramX software on a rental basis to larger organizations with their own IT departments who wish to install BellHawk and the MilramX software on their own servers.

KnarrTek also provides a full range of supporting services to assist its clients in implementing their work-in-progress tracking systems but it also enables its clients to do as much of the implementation work as they are able, to minimize the total systems implementation cost.

For this reason, KnarrTek provides a complete set of manuals, while papers, videos, and how-to technical notes on line through to enable its clients to take a DIY (Do IT Yourself) approach wherever appropriate.

For BellHawk Online clients, the following support services are available from KnarrTek in the form of Support Services Bundles:

  1. Advice on the best way to solve specific work-in-progree tracking problems
  2. On-line assistance with geting started with with using BellHawk
  3. Training in the setup and use of the BellHawk software
  4. Customization of Excel imports and exports
  5. Customization of reports and screens
  6. Support in the use of the DEXBox interface
  7. Customization of the WeighBox for specific weighing scales.
  8. Integration with RFID scanners and printers, where appropriate.

In addition support for installing BellHawk on their own Windows Server is available for clients who rent the BellHawk software.

KnarrTek also has many technology, reseller, and systems integration partners with which it can team to provide complete integrated work-in-progress  and WIP tracking solutions.

KnarrTek provides most of its suport services remotely over the Internet using technologies such as on-line video, telephone, and Email, as this is the most economical way of delivering these services. But, where appropriate KnarrTek staff can provide these services on-site provided that the customer pays for travel time and costs.