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BellHawk Online is intended to provide a low-cost solution to a variety of operations tracking and management problems. A part of this is making our operations tracking and management software available for an affordable monthly subscription. But equally important is taking a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach for clients to implement their own systems.

For those clients who are willing to do the work of learning how to set up and use their BellHawk system from on-line manuals, training videos, and technical notes this can result in a very substantial cost savings.  Also clients can purchase their own barcode scanning and printing devices, as well as mobile computers, at low cost from Internet vendors, and install these themselves, thereby again saving considerable cost.

Please note that, while the Barcode Label Printing Appliance (BLPA) comes with a trial version of BarTender Automation installed, it is the responsibility of each client, under this DIY regime, to purchase a license for BarTender Automation and to get BarTender working with their printers over the client's network.

For those organizations involved in the manufacture of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, BellHawk Online provides a low cost solution CFR 21 Part 11 compliant solution. Here again our clients can cut their costs by performing the validation of the processes in which BellHawk Online is embedded  themselves. Where needed, BellHawk can provide its users manuals in Word Format, so that clients can use extracts from these as part of their standard operating procedures. We can also recommend appropriate test methods as part of the validation process.

The only required services fees are a one time charge of $149 for setting up each client's private website and the one-time purchase of a Silver Support Services bundle at $950, purchased through BellHawk Online. This provides approximately 6 hours of remote support, which we have found to be necessary but sufficient for most clients to get started.

Clients needing additional support in complicated areas, such as interfacing to other systems, setting up custom data collection rules, and setting up label printing rules, may wish to purchase additional support bundles. This support can be purchased from our sister company BellHawk Systems Corporation on an hourly rates basis in the form of additional pre-paid Support Services Bundles.

BellHawk Online is intended primarily for those small to mid-size organizations that need a low-cost solution and are prepared to put in the DIY effort themselves to minimize the cost. For larger organizations, with their own IT departments, the BellHawk software is available for purchase or rental for installation on their own Windows Server computers. Here the expectation is that the client's IT department will manage the project, purchasing support services as needed.

With its partners, BellHawk Systems also offers complete turnkey systems implementation. These systems are more expensive and can range from $50,000 to $250,000 in cost. The big advantage here is that BellHawk Systems and/or its partners are able to provide a complete solution while minimizing the time required by client personnel. These systems are typically customized to the specific needs of each client and integrate a significant level of real-time artificial intelligence.

Turnkey systems implementations always start with a systems design phase, which typically costs $5,000 plus travel costs. In these design phases a member of BellHawk Systems staff comes to the client's site to gather information about the client's operation. This is then used by the BellHawk Systems team to come up with a recommended technology solution and operating procedures.

Sometimes BellHawk Online clients also request design phases to make sure that they are taking the best approach to solving their problems. For those organizations that are new to the technologies involved and how to use them, having a BellHawk expert make recommendations can result in savings of weeks or months off an implementation schedule. Otherwise this time would be spent by their own staff members in a steep learning curve or, even worse, time and money wasted in making bad decisions.

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