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BellHawk Online Industrial Warehouse Management System Option Bundle (WMS)

Mobile Data Collection

The BellHawk Online WMS Warehouse Management System optional bundle is provided as an add-on to the BellHawk Online Materials Tracking System (MTS) as well as to the BellHawk Online Real-Time Operations Tracking System (RT-OPS).

Some of the functions that the WMS option adds to MTS and RTOPS include:

  1. The ability to enter Purchase Orders on-line or to import these from external systems.
  2. The ability to record receipts of materials against Purchase Orders and to export the receipts for import to external systems.
  3. The ability to generate kit-picking orders and to record the picking of kits from stock rooms and warehouses for work orders to make products.
  4. The ability to enter Ship Orders on-line or to import these from external systems.
  5. The ability to generate Pick Orders from Ship Orders and to record the picking and packing of orders
  6. The ability to record shipments against the Ship Orders and to export these to external systems.
  7. The ability to record the loading of trucks/trailers at a loading dock
  8. Ability to generate Bills of Lading and Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) data.
  9. The ability to do rapid "Cycle Counting" with mobile devices.
  10. The ability to do "Blind" inventory auditing for operations management and accounting purposes.

The WMS option can track materials in multiple geographically distributed warehouses and stock rooms as well as in outdoor locations such as yards and at building sites. It can also track transfers between these facilities.

When used with the BellHawk Online RT-OPS system, the WMS option adds the following capabilities:

When used with the BLPA (Barcode Label Printing Appliance) IIOT device BellHawk Online can automatically print product and shipping labels in a wide variety of customer specific formats, including GS1 compliant labels.

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