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BellHawk Online Subscription Prices

BellHawk Online Systems   Subscription
Base Systems    
Simple Materials Tracking System - also does WIP and Asset tracking BOL-SMTS $100/Month
Simple Production Tracking System - also does Labor Tracking BOL-SPTS $150/month
Barcode Inventory Tracking System - includes SMTS BOL-BITS $200/month
Job and Materials Tracking System - includes SPTS+BITS BOL-JMTS $300/month
Materials Tracking and Traceability System - includes JMTS BOL-MTTS $400/month
Optional Add Ons    
Warehouse Management System - add-on to BITS, JMTS, and MTTS BOL-WMS $150/month
Barcode Label Printing Appliance option
Adds to all systems except SPTS; needs purchase of  BarTender Automation License
BOL-BLPA $175/month
Industry Packages    
Manufacturing Execution System - includes WMS BOL-MES $650/month
Food Manufacturing Operations Tracking System -  includes WMS BOL-FMS $550/month
Pharmaceutical Operations Tracking System - includes WMS BOL-POTTS $700/month
Construction Operations Tracking System - includes WMS BOL-COTTS $500/month
Login Licenses    
Device Access License -  for data collection device BOL-DAL $20/month each
Client Access License for manager or staff Login BOL-CAL $30/month each
View Only Access License BOL-VCAL $10/month each

The above subscription prices are for use of the software on a Windows Server at a secure data center in the USA.

 Subscription prices are for annual pre-payment, with a 10% premium for quarterly pre-payment. 

DALs (Device Access Licenses) are required for logins for shared data entry devices, such as a mobile computers or PCs equipped with barcode scanners.

CALs (Client Access Licenses) are required for operations manager/staff logins.

VCALS (View Only Client Access Licenses) can be configured to allow web portal access to specific reports and screens for employees, customers, and suppliers.

Note that per-user license fees are not required for individual material handlers, operators, or other production workers whose role is to capture the tracking data using shared devices (which have their own logins). Individual CALs are only required for managers and staff members who require their own logins to perform tasks such as entering work orders, purchase orders, and sales orders.

Please see the Data Sheets for BellHawk Online systems details.

Please note:

  1. For more complex applications and/or integration with other systems, the software can be purchased outright for installation on the client's own Windows Server computer. Please see for details
  2. Even when planning to purchase, we recommend that most clients start with BellHawk Online to make sure that BellHawk is the right software for their organization. Then, because each client gets their own website and database, these can easily be ported to a client's own server when the client purchases the BellHawk software.
  3. Support and training services for BellHawk Online can be purchased from BellHawk Systems Corporation. Please see Services link below.
  4. Barcode scanning equipment, mobile computers, and custom barcode labels are available from our partners. Please see Technology link below.

For details of the BellHawk software, its architecture, its usage, user manuals, and integration interfaces please see the main website for the BellHawk software at

Please see for more details about how the Symbolic Systems division of BellHawk Systems provides services to assist its clients implement technology solutions to operational problems, including assistance with implementing systems using BellHawk Online.