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BellHawk Online Materials Tracking System (MTS)

barcode inventory tracking

The BellHawk Online Materials Tracking System (MTS) is an affordable easy-to-use, Cloud-based barcode inventory tracking system that uses license-plate-number (LPN) tracking methods combined with barcode scanning and mobile computing technology to perform barcode inventory tracking.

The Materials Tracking System (MTS )can track the receipt, put-away, movement, withdrawal, and shipment of containers of material and individually serialized items. MTS can also be used to track the location of materials that do not have a tracking barcode.

MTS is based on the use of GS1 (Global Standards One) "License-Plate Number Tracking" methods. MTS tracks the location of containers of material as well as serialized items, in real-time. MTS can also track these items when nested within multiple layers of nested container, such as in cartons, on pallets.

 The major benefit of MTS is that inventory can be tracked in real-time at multiple geographically separated, facilities including in warehouses, stock rooms, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and field maintenance sites as well as in vehicles (warehouse on wheels).

MTS is designed for use in stock rooms and warehouses, as well as in manufacturing, engineering, construction, test, repair, and maintenance organizations.

MTS can track materials by lot and serial numbers, as well as by expiration date and is FDA compliant making it suitable for use in medical and biotechnology applications.

MTS has special capabilities for tracking Customer owned materials as well as for enabling users to define their own parameters, such as size and color, to be tracked on specified items. 

A feature of MTS is the ability to track materials having different lengths and widths using a common part number. This enables the tracking of offcut lengths, as well as tracking rolls, reels, and sheets of material with different dimensions.

MTS can also be used for Work-in-Process and Asset tracking as can be seen by clicking on the Demo Videos link below.

MTS Data collection can be performed with wireless mobile computers or PDAs, equipped with integral barcode scanners, as well as with fixed station PCs equipped with barcode scanners or Android tablets equipped with cordless Bluetooth scanners.

MTS can give users a real-time view of the status of inventory and materials anywhere there is an internet connection on PCs, tablets, and smart phones. It can also provide a variety of inventory reports in the form of printed reports and Excel exports.

MTS supports periodic "cycle counting" for validation and adjustment of inventory.

MTS can be expanded to become a fully functional industrial Warehouse Management System through the addition of the BellHawk Online WMS option.

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