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Converting Operations Tracking and Traceability System (COTTS)


The BellHawk Online Converting Operations Tracking System (COTTS) is a  special bundle of BellHawk capabilities, based on the BellHawk RT-OPS base Real-Time Operations Tracking System.

COTTS is specifically designed for use by make-to-order, quick-turn material converters and printers. These clients include printers and converters of paper, plastic, woven and non-woven materials. as well as makers of packaging materials.

These clients use BellHawk because it is able to:

Some examples of the uses of BellHawk are in tracking:

  1. Printing, coating, laminating rolls and sheets of material
  2. Die cutting and punching
  3. Slitting into rolls and cutting into sheets
  4. Assembly of finished products into kits

In each case there are multiple units of measure involved. As one roll–converter stated "I buy in pound, convert by the foot and sell by the sheet". This is typical in many converting applications. Also the business operations tend to be very specialized and integration with weighing scales or other devices is required.

BellHawk supports multiple units of measure and knows how to translate between them. It can weigh a roll of paper and compute the length of the material on the roll. It can weigh items and determine the count. It can also compute the weight of pallets based on the quantity of items on the pallet.

BellHawk is also able to track materials left over from manufacturing operations. It is able to track butt rolls and left–over chemicals so they can be reused and accurately accounted for.

COTTS is ideal for determining the actual cost of jobs and comparing these with expected costs. As part of this, BellHawk is able to allocate the cost of materials, labor, and machine-time when multiple jobs are run at the same time from a common master roll.

COTTS can also track which master rolls went into which products so as to prove compliance with sustainable forestry requirements or to maintain FDA traceability when converting non-woven fabrics into medical products.

BellHawk Online is can also automatically exchange accounting data with financial systems ranging from QuickBooks to high end ERP systems.

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