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BellHawk Online CFITS Construction Operations Tracking System

Building Under Construction

The BellHawk Online Construction Operations Tracking and Traceability System (CFITS) provides a low-cost and easy-to-use system for tracking building construction related activities, including:

  1. Tracking receipt and storage of raw materials at multiple locations.
  2. Tracking labor and materials required for the fabrication and installation of custom components such as masonry, windows, steel and concrete beams, cabinets and other millwork, panels, ducting, piping assemblies and electrical panels.
  3. Tracking shipment of materials to site, ensuring that the right materials get delivered to each site as part of its specified release.
  4. Tracking receipt of materials on-site and their use in installation.
  5. Tracking the issuance of tools to people and jobs as well as their return.
  6. Tracking tools and other materials on service vehicles.
  7. Tracking labor time, materials, tools and other assets used for refurbishment after a disaster.

CFITS is a "Cloud" based system that can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection using a wide variety of devices including smart phones and tablets as well as using laptops and PCs. This includes tracking materials in yards and on building sites using devices capable of communicating over a cellular phone data network.

CFITS replaces the use of paper forms and Excel spread sheets for tracking jobs and materials and replaces these with the use of barcode scanning for rapid and efficient collection of data, including accurately computing the cost of jobs.

CFITS gives an instantaneous view of the status of jobs being performed by multiple crews at different geographic locations. It tracks how long those jobs have taken and the materials consumed or wasted for each job.

Cost data such as labor and materials can be extracted from CFITS in the form of Excel spreadsheets or by direct on-line connection to CFITS and used to automate incremental billing for jobs.

CFITS can import Bill of Materials data from CAD design programs such as AutoCAD and can use these as the basis of tracking the fabrication of components and their shipment to site.

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