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Industry-Specific BellHawk Online Bundles

The following are industry-specific bundles of modules are provided for guidance as to monthly costs for different applications of the BellHawk software. Normally bundles of optional modules are specifically tailored o the specific needs of  each organization.


Manufacturing Execution System (KTI-MES) from $850/month - BellHawk Online MES is a full capability manufacturing execution system (MES) which consists of the Real-Time Operations Tracking System (RT-OPS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) plus the Equipment Tracking Option (ETO)plus the real-time scheduling module (WCS) and the dynamic real-time materials requirements planning tool (DRP). BOL-MES is especially suitable for make-to-order and contract manufacturers who have to manage many quick turn jobs at the same time.


Industrial Warehouse Management System Bundle(KTI-IWMS) from $550/month - IWMS is specifically designed for manufacturers that need to track raw, WIP, and finished product inventory in one or more warehouses as well as in outdoor locations and on the production floor. IWMS is also ideal for industrial distributors that need  to use LPN (license-Plate-Number) barcode tracking methods to track individual containers of materials by lot and serial numbers, expiration dates and other characteristics such as size and color. IWMS uses mobile computers to track the receipt and put-away of inventory, as well as its picking, packing and shipping.  IWMS also includes the ability to do cycle counting and inventory auditing.


Converting Operations Tracking and Traceability System (KTI-COTTS) from $550/month - COTTS is specifically designed for organizations that convert rolls and sheets of material into products and have to track materials of many different dimensions and units of measure. COTTS consists of the Real-Time Operations Tracking System (RT-OPS) plus the Equipment Tracking Option (ETO) for handling groups of jobs run on the same machine time. COTTS works in multiple units of measure and includes the available inventory prediction (AIP) module to make sure that you have the needed material on hand.


Construction Fabrication and Installation Tracking System (KTI-CFITS) from $625/month - CFITS tracks the receipt of raw materials, the fabrication and installation of components for buildings. CFTIS can track materials and tools at multiple fabrication  facilities as well as on vehicles and building sites. CFTIS consists of RT-OPS plus WMS plus the PROJ project tracking module through which CFITS can track the fabrication, shipping, and installation of assemblies in multiple releases.

Please click on this link to viewdetails of the Industry Bundle Prices.