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BellHawk Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Appliances

Internet of Things appliance functionality

Running software such as BellHawk in the Cloud has many advantages, whether it is being run on computers at a secure data center managed by BellHawk Online staff, or is being run at a client's data center, or on a private Cloud based server.

For smaller organizations, without their own IT staff, BellHawk Online eliminates all the hassles of securely setting up and managing their own server computer and the BellHawk software as well as performing necessary functions, such as nightly backups to the Cloud, and, if needed, restoration of the system. This also enables KnarrTek's staff to make changes and upgrades seamlessly without any interruptions to production operations.

For larger organizations, which are renting BellHawk to run on their own computers, it enables BellHawk to be run at a centralized data center, or in a private Cloud, along with many such applications, which makes IT management much simpler.

There are, however, disadvantages especially in the area of efficiently communicating with local systems and devices within a plant or other facility. To this end, BellHawk Online makes available the following Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) appliances:

  1. The Barcode Label Printing Appliance (BLPA) which enables efficient printing of custom barcode labels on barcode label printers attached to the plant  wired and wireless local area network as well as on printers directly connected to PCs on these networks.
  2. The BellHawk DEXBox which enables automated data exchange with ERP and accounting systems, as well as supply chain and EDI systems. The DEXBox also provides local access to data captured by BellHawk Online so that clients can generate their own custom reports.
  3. The BellHawk WeighBox which forms the communications bridge between weighing scales and BellHawk Online. It enables weight data to be automatically captured and used in mobile data capture transactions.
  4. The BellHawk RFIDBox which enables movement of materials to be tracked using RFID tags attached to their containers. RFIDBox interfaces to RFID data capture devices and translates the data about RFID tags they read into location data in BellHawk Online.

The BellHawk IIOT appliances are fan-less units that are designed for use in an industrial environment. Physically they are about 6"x6"x2" and have external USB, LAN, and HDMI connections. Wireless LAN and Bluetooth, as well as RS232 connections can be provided, if needed.

 "Under the Hood" the appliance consists of a multi-core processor running the Windows 10 IIOT Embedded Workstation operating system. These units can be installed as a "Guest" on the local area network in the plant or can be joined to the organization's Active Directory domain by knowledgeable IT staff of the client.

All the IIOT appliance requires is an outbound connection from the unit to the Internet, just like the PCs and mobile computers used for data collection, and reliable power, such as from an uninterruptable power supply. There is no need for an inbound communications "hole" through the firewall, which could otherwise pose a security risk.

These units are shipped to clients pre-configured, so that the level of involvement required from a client's IT staff is minimized. Once installed, changes to configuration, such as adding printers and configuring interfaces, can be managed remotely by KnarrTek's support staff.