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BellHawk Barcode Label Printing Appliance

Label Printing Appliance Flow

The BellHawk Barcode Label Printing Appliance (BLPA) enables efficient printing of barcode labels within a remote plant or facility from the Cloud based version of BellHawk Online, as well as from BellHawk installed on a Windows Server at a client's own remote data center.

When a label printing request is received over the Internet by the BellHawk server from a web-browser running in a device, such as a mobile computer, in the remote plant, the BellHawk TAG software, running on the server, chooses the appropriate label and printer, retrieves the data to be inserted into the label from its database and then places the request into the barcode label printing queue.

The label print software in the BLPA monitors this queue for new entries, over the Internet, using BellHawk's web-services (SOAP/XML messaging) interface. When label print sees a new print request for a printer that is connected to its BLPA, it retrieves the request from the print queue and uses this data to call BarTender Automation, which is also loaded into the BLPA. BarTender then prints the label on the designated printer which is attached to the BLPA.

The big advantage of the BLPA is that it does not need an inbound connection from the BellHawk Online Server through a special firewall port. Instead, all communications with the server is initiated by the BLPA over the same outbound Internet link as is used by the mobile data collection devices used to communicate with the server. All the BLPA requires is a regular external Internet connection to work and does not require any special IT configuration work

The BLPA can communicate with multiple networked barcode printers connected to its LAN port by a network router/switch plus one or more printers connected to its USB port through a USB hub. These printers are on their own dedicated network and so avoid any issues with network security introduced by use of printers over a shared LAN.

BLPA comes with a complete version of the Seagull Scientific BarTender® label creation software. If a monitor, keyboard, and mouse is plugged into the BLPA then the BLPA can be used to create new label layouts and edit existing ones using BarTender's WYSIWYG label layout tool.

The BellHawk architecture supports the use of BLPA units in multiple geographically separated facilities, each with their own set of attached printers.

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