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 Equipment and Supplies

Motorola MC9190G

Through its web-browser interface, the BellHawk software will work on a wide range of barcode scanners and mobile data collection devices. Also, through its interface with the pre-integrated BarTender Automation software, The BellHawk Barcode Label Printing IIOT appliance can support on-demand label printing and RFID tag encoding on a wide range of devices. Through other IIOT appliances, BellHawk Online can also be customized to interface with a wide range of other devices such as weighing scales and RFID portals.

The Symbologic Systems division of BellHawk Systems, in combination with our reseller partners, can provide guidance as to recommended equipment and supplies for use with BellHawk Online.

Please note that different models  of essentially the same equipment may work differently. Also different operational activities have different ergonomic requirements. As such, we strongly recommend that clients only order one unit of each model and thoroughly test it in a training-room pilot setup using operational data before ordering more.

Clients are also advised to test a sample of the equipment with samples of the proposed labels or RFID tags to make sure that they work together before purchasing a larger quantity.