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BellHawk Online is located in Worcester, MA, which is in the industrial heartland of the New England area of the USA.

BellHawk Online provides low-cost and easy to-use software tools for the real-time management of industrial operations. It is used by managers in manufacturing, engineering, construction, repair and other industrial organizations. It is also used by managers in food, pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnology processors and distributors.

By providing these tools, in the Cloud, for a low-cost monthly subscription, BellHawk Online is especially suitable for use by small to mid-sized industrial organizations who do not have substantial IT support organizations nor the funds to make large capital investments in needed systems.

One important mission of BellHawk Online is to ensure the safety of our food and pharmaceutical supply chains by providing the tools needed to quickly identify the source of contamination and then enabling the rapid recall of the effected products. Another important mission is to make sure that mistakes are not made in making products that would result in harm to people or their pets.

The BellHawk Online service is provided out of a secure data center in Tampa, Florida which has all the necessary security, backup generators, etc. to keep running even when natural disasters such as hurricanes strike.

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