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KnarrTek specializes in providing real-time operations tracking systems for manufacturing and other industrial clients.

KnarrTek provides the easy-to-use BellHawk Online service, which includes work-in-process (WIP) tracking,  barcode inventory tracking, materials tracking and traceability, mistake prevention, and industrial warehouse management capabilities, in the Cloud, for an affordable monthly subscription.

KnarrTek also provides the BellHawkRx ( on line service to support organizations in the medical supply chain, such as manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supplies, as well as operations in laboratories and other biotechnology operations.

By providing these operations tracking and management tools, in the Cloud, for an affordable monthly subscription, BellHawk Online is especially suitable for use by small to mid-sized industrial organizations who do not have substantial IT support organizations nor the funds to make large capital investments in needed systems.

The BellHawk Online service is provided out of a secure data center in Tampa, Florida which has all the necessary security, backup generators, etc. to keep running even when natural disasters such as hurricanes strike.

KnarrTek also provides the BellHawk operations tracking software and the MilramX automated data exchange software on a rental basis for larger organizations, with their own IT departments, who wish to install this software on their own servers.

KnarrTek also provides a full range of supporting services to assist its clients in implementing their operations tracking systems. This includes customizing the BellHawk software for specific end-user applications and assisting IT departments with using the MilramX automated data exchange platform to integrate BellHawk with ERP and accounting systems as well as the rest of their IT infrastructure..

KnarrTek's offices are located in Auburn, Massachusetts, USA, in the industrial heartland of the Northeastern USA. Its staff has many decades of experience in implementing work-in-progress tracking systems for industrial clients.

KnarrTek sells its software solutions and services directly to clients, primarily in the North Eastern USA, and through partners elsewhere.

KnaarTek is named after an ocean going Viking trading boat named a Knarr which was the main ocean going sailing vessel for the Viking supply chains from about 800 AD to 1100 AD. Knarrs sailed from Scandinavia to North America, deep into Russia, and to the far reaches of the Mediterranian sea 500 years before Columbus "discovered" America. These were amazingly engineered boats which were the forerunner of the modern container ship.


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