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BellHawk Online Real-Time Manufacturing Operations Tracking  Systems

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BellHawk Online provides a range of Manufacturing Operations Tracking Systems, otherwise known as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), including:

  1. The easy-to-use and low cost  Simple Production Tracking System (SPTS) which tracks the progress of batches of material through a sequence of manufacturing operations and also captures the labor expended.
  2. The comprehensive  Real-Time Operations Tracking System (RT-OPS) tracks the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their transformation into intermediate and finished products, and the packing and shipping of those products to customers.
  3. The full-capability Manufacturing Execution System (MES)which adds the following capabilities to RT-OPS:

These BellHawk Online Real-Time Operations Tracking / Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide an affordable  solution for tracking and managing operations in small and mid-sized manufacturing plants. They are especially suitable for manufacturers who make customized products to order, either directly from raw materials, or from a standard set of intermediate materials.

These BellHawk Online Real-Time Operations Tracking/ Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) enable manufacturing plants to replace their existing use of paper forms with a barcode tracking system and/or upgrade their existing systems to use the latest AIDC (Automated Identification and Data Capture) technologies without needing to replace their existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or accounting systems.

These BellHawk Online systems can be used stand-alone or can exchange data existing with accounting, ERP, and other in-plant or Cloud-based systems using the DEXBox IIOT appliance.

Using a BellHawk Online Real-Time Operations Tracking/Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system with an existing accounting or ERP system is much less expensive than purchasing a new combination ERP-MES system. It also avoids changing all your accounting procedures just to add AIDC based operations tracking and management.

If your existing ERP or accounting system is not providing the operations tracking and management capabilities that you want and yet you do not want to spend the funds to upgrade to an expensive integrated ERP+MES system, then a BellHawk Online solution may be what you need.

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