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Plastics Applications of BellHawk

Industrial Distribution

BellHawk has found application in the manufacture of plastic products including tracking:

In many cases, the process starts with the receipt and put-away of Gaylords  of material to be processed. The plastic pellets in these Gaylords  are then typically vacuum fed to injection molding machines to make products. These products are then post-processed and inspected before being packed and shipped to customers.

Much of the injection molding performed in the USA is for specialty applications, such as for FDA regulated medical components or for parts that are regulated by agencies such as DoD, DOT, and the FAA.

In such cases, materials traceability needs to be maintained as to which lots of which resin went into each batch of products and who they were shipped to. Also details of quality control inspections need to be maintained in detail.

BellHawk tracks the cost of making each batch, including the cost of labor, materials and machine time. It can also track setup, run, down, and cleanup times for each job on each machine, which can be a critical factor in the cost of production.

Most important, BellHawk can track regrind and its reuse, which can also be a major factor in cost reduction.

BellHawk does all of this tracking in real-time to enable managers and supervisors to monitor their operations and make sure that customer orders get out on time.  It also enables managers to spot when problems are starting to occur, so that they can quickly intervene.

Best of all, BellHawk eliminates the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to do all of this tracking. Eliminating this labor intensive and mistake-prone process can often save smaller plastics manufacturers the equivalent of one full-time equivalent (FTE) person and larger organizations two or three FTE people at a loaded labor cost of over $50,000 per person per year.