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Contract Manufacturing Applications of BellHawk


BellHawk is ideal for use by small to mid-sized Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) who make custom PC board, electromechanical, and mechanical assemblies in short runs on a quick-turn basis.

The process starts with the import of BOMs (Bills of Materials) for each assembly and sub-assembly in the form of Excel spreadsheets. These are then used by BellHawk to generate the work orders to make the assemblies and the purchase orders to purchase project specific parts as well as common stock.

As the parts are received for a project, they are identified with license-plate number (LPN) tracking barcodes and are identified as belonging to that specific project, or to common stock. They are also identified as to whether they are customer owned or owned by the CMO as well as recording the lot and serial  numbers.

Once the parts are received, barcoded pick orders can be generated for each assembly work orders, which are used to pick the parts to make each sub-assembly or assembly. These pick orders are created by BellHawk based on the BOMs assigned to each work order at time of import. The pick orders are then used to ensure that the correct parts are picked and to automatically record the lot and serial numbers, and manufacturer of each part used for the assembly.

Once the parts are picked into a barcoded tote, trolley, or pallet, they can then be taken to the first work center on the work order route and recorded into that work order. The resultant assembly, which is assigned its own LPN tracking barcode, is then recorded in and out of each operation, which can include QC testing, and the recording of the test results.

If, after testing, rework or repair is required then the lot numbers and serial numbers of the removed and added parts are recorded to ensure a complete traceability record.

Finished sub-assemblies may then be recorded into other work orders along with parts picked for those work orders, until finished assemblies are ready for final testing and inspection and then packing and shipping to the customer.

BellHawk maintains complete materials traceability as to which parts went into which sub-assembly and final assembly enabling rapid detection of the cause of defects and to minimize any needed recalls.

BellHawk is CFR Part 11 compliant and can be validated to meet FDA cGMP requirements for use in making medical devices and instruments. It also meets the material traceability requirements of agencies such as the FAA, NASA, and DOT.

BellHawk also captures complete end-to-end cost data including the cost of needed labor, materials, and machine time. This enables the manufacture of assemblies on a cost plus fee basis. It also enables a comparison of actual versus estimated cost to improve the accuracy of future quotes.

BellHawk is compliant with the requirements of DFARs and the cost tracking requirements of the DCAA, making is suitable for use on DoD contracts and sub-contracts.

Best of all, BellHawk eliminates the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to do all of this tracking. Eliminating this labor intensive and mistake-prone process can often save smaller CMOs the equivalent of one full-time equivalent (FTE) person and larger CMOs two or three FTE people at a loaded labor cost of over $50,000 per person per year.