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The following are demonstration videos on how to use BellHawk Online to solve various inventory and work-in-process tracking problems.  You will need to register on our website (with your name and Email) to see these videos, if you have not already registered.

Simple WIP Tracking Simple Work-in-Process Tracking using WIPS: (18 minutes) In this demonstration video we use the BellHawk Online WIPS (Work In Process Tracking) system to track the manufacture of a batch of 6 knobs. These knobs go through three operations: first cutting and shaping the knobs on a lathe from a round steel bar, second drilling and tapping holes into the door knobs, and third polishing and inspecting the resultant knobs. In this demonstration, we focus on capturing the status of the production batch in real-time and of tracking the amount of labor involved and how long each job step took.
Barcode Inventory Tracking Using the Barcode Inventory Tracking System BITS: (34 minutes) In this demonstration video we first explain how BITS uses license-plate tracking methods to track inventory. Then we use BellHawk Online to demonstrate the entry into inventory of boxes of material with tracking barcodes, as well as loose material into barcoded bins on shelves. Next we demonstrate how to withdraw materials from inventory. We then demonstrate the receipt and put-away of serialized items and of materials of different lengths. Finally we demonstrate the packing of multiple items into a box which is then recorded as shipped to a customer. Finally we look at some of the reports that are available and introduce the warehouse management option, which extends the capabilities of BITS.
Job and Materials Tracking Using the JMTS Job and Materials Tracking System to track both Production and Inventory (44 minutes) In this companion demonstration video to the WIPS video, we use BellHawk software to track the manufacture of the same batch of 6 knobs but here we focus on tracking materials. We see how we receive a rod of stainless steel bar stock and then track its conversion into Work-in-Process (WIP) materials. We then track the WIP through further processing and then into its conversion into finished goods and their shipment to customers. We see how WIP is tracked in a reusable tote and how defective parts are recorded as scrap inventory that can be recycled. Finally we look at a variety of reports and Excel exports that can give production managers a real-time view of their operations.
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