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BellHawk Online Work-in-Process Tracking Systems

barcode inventory tracking

BellHawk Online Offers a variety of low-cost and easy-to-use Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking systems.

These are, in order of increasing capability:

  1. SMTS -Simple Materials Tracking System - tracks work-in-process items and batches as they moves from work-center to work-center. Minimizes amount of barcode scanning needed and tracks time to do each operation.
  2. WIPS - Work-in-Process and Labor Tracking System - issue work orders, track the progress of an item or batch as they progress from operation to operation. Also tracks labor times taken for each operation.
  3. JMTS - Job and Materials Tracking System tracks both production and inventory. Includes features of SMTS, BITS, WIPS and also performs job costing and prevents operational mistakes.
  4. MTTS - Tracks and Traces the transformation of materials in a manufacturing process. Extends the capabilities of JMTS to include tracking what materials went into which products and being able to trace back and forward from defective materials

Clients can select the simplest system that meets their immediate need and then subscribe to more capability as their needs expand.

Please click here to see Technical Note on the tradeoff's between these different WIP Tracking options.

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