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BellHawk Online Materials Tracking Systems

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BellHawk Online Offers a variety of low-cost and easy-to-use materials and inventory tracking systems.

These are, in order of increasing capability:

  1. SMTS -Simple Materials Tracking System - performs license-plate tracking to track location of materials in barcoded containers, individually barcoded serialized items, and barcoded assets.  Can track materials at multiple geographic locations, including at building sites and in the field.
  2. BITS - Barcode Inventory Tracking System - includes features of SMTS and adds in capability to track materials in nested containers as well as ability to track "loose" materials that is not barcoded and to track multiple different parts in the same container.
  3. WMS - Warehouse Management System - optional add-on to BITS - adds capability to enter Purchase Orders and track receipt of materials plus capability to enter Ship Orders and track shipment of materials to customers. Also includes ability to pick material for customer orders and to record the loading of trucks at the shipping dock.

Clients can select the simplest system that meets their immediate need and then subscribe to more capability as their needs expand.

Please click here to learn more about License-Plate Tracking Methods.

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